nyMusikk Bergen og Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek presenterer

nyMusikk Bergen and NyMusikk Krapyl: Biblioteksmusikken presents

North of North

Friday 4th of May – Gimle (Kong Oscars gate 18) // 19.00 // 80kr / 50kr student

Saturday 5th of May – Bergen Public Library // Noteroom  // 13.00 // Free

North of North is an Australian trio featuring Anthony Pateras (piano), Scott Tinkler (trumpet) and Erkki Veltheim (violin). Drawing from improvisation, Carnatic music, 20th and 21st century composition, mathematical theories and open forms of jazz, their music is fused together by virtuosic instrumentalism, critical listening and a shared philosophy of musical and physical discipline. Formed in Berlin in 2015, the band performed a 14-date European tour in September/October 2016 in support of their debut album The Moment in And Of Itself on Pateras’ Immediata label. After performing at Hobart’s prestigious MONA FOMA festival, they will be touring
Europe again May 2018, in support of their second album.



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