Månedlige arkiver: april 2013

Det ble en elegant og meditativ nyMusikk kveld på Landmark forrige tirsdag.

Lucio Capece fremførte en tålmodig utforskning av instrumentets kanglige muligheter, og tikk takk til Les Trotteuses for å vise oss at det kan lages minimalistisk techno med vekkerklokker.

Lucio Lucio Capece

Les TrotteusesLes Trotteuses

Intervju med les Trotteuses i BT, 16.4.2013:

les trotteuses intervju

LUCIO CAPECE: Zero plus Zero

LES TROTTEUSES: Composition for 15 Radio Alarm Clocks

Tirsdag, 16.april, kl 20.30, Landmark

Inngang: 80kr, gratis for medlemmer av Ny Musikk


LUCIO CAPECE: Zero plus Zero

For soprano saxophone, Sruti Box-analog electronics (Ring Modulator, Equalizer in Feedback), bass clarinet and preparations. Composed and played by Lucio Capece.
Lucio Capece is an experimental musician born in Argentina in 1968. He lives in Europe since 2002, and specifically in Berlin since 2004. After developing his work in the context of electro acoustic improvisation for over 12 years, Capece currently focuses his work in the perceptual experience. Mainly through his solo pieces, as well as occasional collaborations , also based in the same interest.
Capece about Zero plus Zero: “My experience regarding sound in the last years pushed me to enjoy finding the hidden pitches in the noises and the noises that happen combining pitched sounds. This works for me as a metaphor of social aspects that interests me in a special way at the moment. Finding musicians, or even people who develops any kind of activity, with deep common ideas, but working in other human landscapes, with different methods even, but treating same fundament aspects. We can always find one of the two elements (pitch, noise) inside the other one if we listen carefully. The work is based on this principle. Sometimes searching carefully in the inner life of a sound I feel that I miss the external one, and I feel the need to open my perception possibilities to understand and enjoy what happens in the multiplicity of aspects that sounds in space and in our own personal and collective history, can have.”
LES TROTTEUSES: Composition for 15 Radio Alarm Clocks

Les Trotteuses (Anne Moirier & Aurélie Pertusot) orchestrate live alarm clocks without the use of computers since 2008.
“Composition for 15 Radio Alarm Clocks” is a sound performance consisting of an orchestra of fifteen electronic radio clocks played live without the use of computers. Alarm clocks are programmed in advance and are switched off as one progresses through the composition. The superimposing of bells creates a mathematical music in the rhythms both repetitive and evolving. The image of a classic orchestra strengthens the idea of a removed and absurd situation. The alarm clock shows changes in our society : it is the symbol of work, the «duty to wake up in the morning». The performance changes the perception of a sound considered usually as a call to order.